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How To Change Blogger Template

After you have started a blog for free, it's the time to decorate your new blog with a template. As without a well visual style to your blog there will be no readers. And to make your content more appealing to everyone a custom template must be installed to your blog. So today with me we will learn how to change blogger template.

 Change Blogger Template

how to change blogger template
How To Change Blogger Template

To Change your blogger template, we first need to download a custom template. For that you can get latest 2016 SEO optimised custom template for blogger from Gooyaabi Templates Or you can manually made a search for a template for your blog at google.

After downloading a resembling blogger template which match to your blog style, it's time to apply new styling to your blog. 

Steps To change Blogger Template

1. Login to your Blogger 
2. After login click on "go to post list" icon in blogger homepage.
Go to Post list blogger
Go To Post List 

3. Now Click on "Template" 
Blogger Template
Blogger Template 

4. After that move your eyes to the top right of screen, there you will see "Backup/Restore" Click on that. 
Backup restore blogger template
Backup/Restore Blogger Template button

5. Now before uploading new template; first download a backup of     your previous template.
Backup of Blogger Template
Backup previous blogger Template 

6. Now to upload your brand new blogger template, Click on               "Choose File" and then "Upload".
How to change Blogger Template
How To Change Blogger Template 

Now finally you are done with your new blogger template. Now click on view blog to see your cool customisation.

But the work had not completed yet. You have just changed  your blog template; but with that new custom template your blog will be flooded with the predefined effects and menu by the creator of that template. Now it's time to edit these setting and modify them according to your needs.

Removing Unwanted Menus from your Blogger Template

Applying a custom template is not enough to make our blog attractive,we need some customisation to initiate a complete change in a blogger template except it's footer or header where the coder signature or the source website from the template had been downloaded as because of their hard work our blog is going to be so Cool ! and also i'ts against the Laws ! If you still do that You may be sued or your blog may be taken down!

Now let's move to the topic. First click on the "Template" as done previously then click on  "Edit Html"
Editing Html Of blogger template
Edit HTML of your Blogger Template

After clicking on "Edit Html" you will see something messy lines of code which may seem out of the mind " Yea It was out of My Mind." 
HTML Code of Blogger Template
HTML Code of Blogger Template 

But before that I need to figure out what I need to remove so I will look at my blogger template by clicking view blog. And I want to remove "Parent Category" .
Blogger preview
The guy;s Computer Blog Preview

Now in that blogger template code just click anywhere between that code and press "Ctrl+F" and type the term which you want to remove from your blog. Here I want to remove "Parent Category" from my changed blogger template. Now after pressing enter I get this result.
HTML For Blogger Template
Blogger Template HTML Search

Now it's time to remove them or to change them according to my blog. So if you want to remove them just add <!-- at the start of code and then --> at the end of code(look at the picture).This will make that piece of code as a comment and press Save Template. "WHAT! THE HECK."   
Blogger Template
Removing unwanted menu making code as comment 

Finally Parent Category had gone from my Blog.

Parent Category Removed How to change Blogger Template
Parent Category menu Removed

Similarly if you wanted to add some menu just change the predefined name by searching it in blogger template html. And don't forget to add a link to that so that Clicking on that menu will not result a blank page or nothing. You can create links by creating labels to your post. If you still don't know about the labels then I can guess you haven't read How To Start A Blog For Free completely.

Now first we need to get the link of that posts with particular labels. To do that first click on the "layout" and then "Add A gadget" and search for labels from that menu and add it to your blog.
How to add labels to Blog
Adding Labels to Blog

Now after saving the layout, you will see labels shown in your blog template, and then clicking on label will show all the post associated with that label and then you can copy the link from the address bar. After your work you can either leave those labels on your template or you can remove them.

Blogger's labels link
Copy Labels link 

Now Add a name between ">NAME<" these angle braces. And put the link in "href=#"  replace "#" with the link associated with that label. And then click save template.
Adding link to Template HTML
Adding Label link to menu in template HTML

Now finally after this long mental torture of codes and all we are now here at the end and your blog is going to be an awesome blog after learning how to change blogger template. So do some custom changes to the looks of your blog but don't forget to backup your template first because for the first things can be messed up.

So if you do have some questions, or some suggestions to make some cool changes to blogger template then comment. So Keep liking and sharing our blog and do check The Guy's Computer on  YouTube.

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