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How To Start A Blog For Free

How To Start A Blog ? 
With increasing blogging mania, a lot of people are searching for How To Start A Blog For Free and why not? As blogging has changed the life of lot of people around the world. And writing a blog is the best and easiest way to share your knowledge with the people over the internet with less time. So here is the simplest and easiest way to start your own blog in just few easy steps.

Starting A Blog 

How to Start a Blog For Free
How To Start A Blog for Free in 2016

For starting a blog, you first need a Google Account. If you are totally new in the web word and don't have a google account then you can Create Google Account for free. 

And now you are ready with your google account then next step is to navigate to the Blogger. As soon as you are there at blogger's homepage, you will need to sign in using your Google Account. 
Blogger Signin
A Google Account is Used to Sign in To Blogger

Success ! you are now on the Blogger's homepage. Now on the top of the left there you will see "New Blog", just click on that to create  a new blog.
how to Create a Blog
Click on New Blog To Create a new Blog

Now After clicking  on new blog, a new window will pop up, there you will need to put a title for your blog which is about to born in this google world. And of course without a web address how would people navigate to your new born blog ? And then after putting an address(Does the address matches your blog title?) you will need to select a template. Don't worry if you don't like any of them, you can Customise you Blog's Template later.
how to create a new blog
Setting Blog Title and Address

Now after you have clicked on Create blog! as of you had done now ! You will see blogger's dashboard with lot of options on the left of it. Now turn your eye balls on to the top left of your screen. Now there is a Pencil like structure in front of you. That's it Click on that and you will be ready for your brand new blog post.
Create new post in Blogger
Click to Create New Post 

Now Fellas! Put some catchy title to your first blog Post. And start writing on your favourite stuff. As a catchy title will add some life to your newly started blog and also visitors too. 

Blog Post Title How to create a Blog
Create Post Title And Write awesome Content

Blogger had gave us a lot of new features like Changing default Font from a predefined list, though it is not a big list, it's just a font family. You can change it. With that you can change the Text Size, And creates Cool Heading, sub-headings as required! Even you can add a video to your blog Like I had done on the topic How to create a blog on Blogger 2016.

Now you have completed your first awesome Blog post ! But wait a minute. Don't just publish it, click on the Preview button on the right of your screen. You don't want the world to see your awesome post with a glitch. Were you ? And also don't forget to add a label to your post. 

Now What the Heck that label is? Label is just like a tag to your post, which will describe the what topic that blog post is regarding. 

Now don't just post like a dumbo ! Wait a minute and click on Permalink to check the link, whether the automatic generated blog post link resembles your blog post title or not. If it is not, then click on custom to change it to your title keywords. As it will help search engines to reach to your awesome blog which you just started for free.
Add the Permalink
Check For The Permalink

Now You are ready to Publish your first Blog post in your brand new blog that you just have started and have not paid anything at all. 

After you have successfully started your first blog post for free, now it's the time for sharing your blog post to the social media website and other micro-blogging websites.

 As in 2016 blogging and internet is a place which can change the fate of your life not just by making you popular, but with your awesome blog you can earn a decent income in upcoming years if you get dedicated to Blogging.  

If you loved reading this blog post ! or you do have some appreciation or question on starting a blog then you can tell me in comments. Keep visiting and be with us in this awesome journey of Blogging.  

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