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How to Add or Remove Blogger Widgets

"Wow I have now  Google+ badge to my Blog "
As blogging is not all about writing, it's about socialising and being connecting with more and more people, sharing knowledge and learning. So to be socialised in this blogging world widgets follows an important role. So today with me we will learn "how to add blogger widgets" and will be opening more ways to make your blog more social. 

How To Add Widgets To Your Blog

How to add or remove blogger widgets
Add or Remove Blogger Widget

1.First login to your Blogger's dashboard, click on the drop down arrow key to access the "layout" tab of your blog.
Layout tab for adding or removing blogger widget
Click Layout Tab for adding Widgets 

2. Now after opening on the layout tab in your blog, scroll down or look for "Add a Gadget". It's location depends upon your custom template's design. Click on it.
Click on Add a Gadget to blog
Add A Gadget to add widget/Gadget 

3. After clicking on "add a gadget" a small windows will popup. Now choose a variety of blogger widgets from the predefined list and click on your desired widget.
widgets for blogger
List of Blogger's Widget

4. And after setting it up, just click save and a message will be displayed "Page element added".
Widget added to Blog
Widget Added to  Blog

5. Now you can either preview your blog or you can save this by clicking Save arrangement on the top right of your screen.

saving widget arrangement
Saving  Widget Arrangement of Blog

6. And you are done. Now watch the changes in your blog.

How to Remove Blogger Widgets 

As we have added widgets to a blog in similar way sometime we need to remove some annoying widgets which did not get compatible with the template as in my case. However I will change the template of my blog soon.

Removing blogger widgets is very easy. 

1. As we are already logged in to blogger so look at the bottom right of your blogger widget in your blog. There you will find a Setting icon. Now Click on that.
Removing Blogger Widget
Click on that Screw to Remove Blogger Widget

2. Now a widget window will pop up. Click on Remove to delete that widget from your blog.
Removing blogger widget
Click Remove to Delete Blogger's Widget

Alternatively, you can do this by going to blogger dashboard and then clicking on "Layout". From there look for the widget that you wanted to remove from your blog. And then click on it and press remove when window will pop up .
how to remove blogger widget
Removing blogger widget through Layout window

Now one reason to add blogger widgets is socialising, other reasons are connecting blog readers to our blog's social network. As not every time our friends or people will not type the computer guy's blog address. 

Even I am a human and typing a blog address is a pain. It takes time. So why not I connect my readers to social networks?

So they can easily get my blog updates and can share their knowledge through The Guy's Computer blogger Platform. 

And there are a lot of funny and cool-tech widgets which can make your blog more cool. You can add Instagram, flicker, Facebook photo gallery, Even a Talking Avatar and a Donkey Kong game (I knew you liked Donkey Kong). 

So The Guy's Computer is now going to do something with these cool Blogger widget things. Because apart from sharing knowledge on Blogging and Tech things; Entertainment matters too.

So now will all this clutter above you have learned to add some widgets to your blog. Now go run to your blog and put some blogger widgets there and If you find "Mario"  game widget for blogger then do tell me too. And don't forget to check The Guy's Computer YouTube channel.

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