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How To Build a Gaming Desktop Computer Under 40,000 Indian Rupee

Build a desktop computer under Rupee 40,000
Are you thinking about assembling a new desktop computer and wish for a gaming Desktop Computer under tight budget of Indian Rupee 40,000 there here are some of the chosen components which can give you a rich gaming experience with the resolution of 1920*1080(30-60 Fps) in your tight budget.

Hardware Package For your Gaming Desktop Computer

Performance Gaming PC in Budget of 40,000 Rupee
Build a Gaming Desktop in 40,000 Budget

A gaming computer is defined by it's top end performing hardware that is capable to play all the games in top end settings but here as with the tight budget we gonna build something cool that will give you enjoyment and thrill of most of the new games in the market. So here are the components which will be the part of your gaming package.

Intel Core i3 6th Gen

Intel Core i3-6100 6th Gen
Clocked at 3.7 Ghz 
Cache 3MB
2 Cores 4 Threads
Power Usage 51 Watts

Price May Rise Soon 

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Processor is the most important part of a gaming PC. As it is the brain of the computer so to process your hard core gaming we have chosen Intel Core i3-6100 6th Gen which is based on Skylake Architecture (Launched in 2015) which reduces power consumption and adds up greater cpu and gpu performance.It has 2 Cores/4 threads and operates on the frequency of 3.7Ghz and power consumption is only 51 Watts and this boy have it's cache memory of 3MB and it is ready for gaming. And priced at Rupee 9,150 at amazon only

MSI H110M PRO 6th Generation DDR 4 Mother Board for gaming pc
MSI H110M PRO 6th Generation DDR 4 Mother Board
Supports 6th Gen Intel Processors
2 DDR4 Memory Slots supports upto 32 GB
1 HDMITM Port supports 4096*2160 @ 24Hz
2560*1600@ 60HZ
Intel H1160 Chipset with 4 SATA PORTS which support transfers upto 6GB/sec 
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As you know motherboard is known as the Backbone of the Computer, so here for a high performance Gaming pc we have chosen MSI H110M PRO 6th Generation DDR 4 Mother BoardIt Have 2 DDR4(2133 MHz) memory Slots which can support memory upgrade up to 32GB. It have 4 SATA ports which supports transfer up to 6GB/sec. It have 1 HDMITM port which supports maximum resolution of  4096*2160@24Hz and 2560*1600@ 60Hz . It have total 5 USB ports and our Skylake boy is going to fit in it. MSI H110M PRO 6th Gen is priced at Rupee 5169 only at

Random Access Memory

Crucial 8GB DDR4 Gaming RAM  Crucial 8GB DDR 4
 Clock 2133 Mhz
 Voltage 1.2 Volt
 Un buffered 

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RAM is the crucial element for a gaming PC.A memory with good clock speed can change your gaming experience. So here we have picked up Crucial 8GB DDR4 RAM for your rig. It have a clock speed of 2133 Mhz and it is unbuffered RAM that means the data will directly sent to the CPU without any middle storage. It is power efficient RAM and you can get this gaming RAM for Rupee 2592 Only at 


WD 1TB  Desktop Internal Hard DriveWD 1TB  Desktop Internal Hard Drive

Runs at 7200 rpm
1TB Capacity
64 MB Buffer Size
2 Year Warranty 

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As you are thinking about building a Gaming PC, then an enough storage is required as in 21st century Games have massive sizes and you don't ever wanted to run out of space for your new game. With storage speeds does matter a lot. With 7200 rpm WD 1TB Desktop internal hard drive is a value for money with greater speed. You can get WD 1TB for Rupee 3,724 Only at Amazon.

Graphic Card 

Asus Strix GeForce GTX-960

1291 Mhz factory Overclocked
1371 Mhz GPU bosst (OC Mode)

So the most Crucial part without which you can't imagine a Gaming computer is here. Asus Strix GeForce Gtx-960 rules the heart of gamers all over the world and it had ranked second on Stream Hardware and Software Survey of 2016 and is preferred by world class gamers. This graphic card remains almost silent while playing light games and at hardcore gaming it remains 30% cooler with 3X quieter performance. It's GPU tweaks allows you to modify clock speed, voltage fan performance and more. And the more important thing is about it's fame is that it's price and performance ratio. It had got a lot of high rating by the buyers. You can get this Nvidia GPU worth Rupee 18,700 at amazon. This device had varied it's price a lot so it's better to make a decision fast.

Power Supply

Corsair VS Series VS550 - 550 Watt SMPSCrossair VS Series VS 550
A dedicated +12V rail offers maximum compatibility with latest components.
AC input from  200~240V
Over Voltage, Under voltage, Over current and short circuit Protection
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So with these above high performance devices we require a decent power supply which can be able to complete these beasts needs. So we will go with Crossair VS Series VS 550. It is a 550 Watt power supply which will easily complete the power needs of your hardware. You can get this power supply for Rupee 3550 and is available in Amazon. 


Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 821 without SMPSCircle Gaming Cabinet CC 821
Steel Black Body
Compatible with
ATX/Micro ATX/ Mini ITX
3 LED Cooling Fans

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This cabinet cc 821 is a top notch gaming cabinet which will add some sick looks to your gaming rig. This cabinet have 7 Expansion slots, external 3.5 Drive bays, external 5.25 inch Drive Bays, 3 SSD slots,  2 HD front audio port,  A front usb 2.0 and 3.0 port. And this stylo is priced at Rupee 3650 on 

Final Verdict about This Budget Gaming PC

So here is your full fledged Gaming computer ready on your hands. And the hardware packed is top notch in and is ready to fit in your budgets. This  Core intel i3-6100 have on board graphics Intel HD 530 which you will found with i5 and i7.  About graphic card we already had discussed that it's the second most popular Nvidia video adapter among gamers in the World. And if you just want a powerful hardware to edit videos then it can also do it for you. So overall we had stick to the budget and in case the prices goes up and down, the total cost may rise upto 42 to 44 thousand rupee. But this gaming pc is all value for money. 

So if you enjoyed 'how to build  a gaming desktop'  and have any questions regarding this topic you can mention them in comments and do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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