Friday, 5 August 2016

Torrentz Announced Farewell ( Dawn of Torrent Websites)

Torrentz Farewell
No more downloads from Torrentz now on. If you were a daily user of Torrentz then it's a bad news for you. Your favourite Torrentz website had been Shut Down on Friday 5 August. Now no more downloads now. It seems till 2017 there will be no more torrents websites. Announced Farewell 

Torrentz Announced Farewell
Happy Farewell Torrentz

This action of farewell had been taken after the Pirate Bay stopped it's operation. Founded in 2003 by an individual know as Flippy, With it's Alexa rank of 186 in July 2016 was the major torrent website in 2016. was a torrent search engine, which used to index other major torrent websites and offered  a lot of alternative sources to a torrent. 

Now when a user try to login a message is shown 
 " Torrentz will always love you. Farewell"

History of Torrentz.Eu 

Founded in 15th July 2003 by someone names Flippy ( A Finland Based meta-search Engine)

After 6 years of successful operation in November 2008, scammers used some fake papers to take over and as a backup admins move on to the and after 18th Dec due to seizure of domain, became the default domain. 
Popularity of touched the highest. And it became the second popular torrent website in 2012 and again in 2015.

Although had faced a lot of legal actions in it's life time. In 2013  a DMCA claim was sent to Google by Paramount Pictures to remove Torrentz homepage however, site admins counter claimed about the site's links that  no copyright policy was infringed. 

On 26th May 2014 was suspended without a court order ( requested from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) 

On 27th May 2014 Torrentz was back online and with it's three alternate domains (.me .ch .in) it had planned to continue on at that time in case of primary domain seizure.

On 4th August 2016 , website  had became inactive showing the message 'Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines'. The last message which is displayed to people.

Recent major Arrest in Torrent World

On 20 July 2016 Federal authorities arrested Artrm Vaulin, 30 year old founder of KickassTorrents(KAT). 

He is Ukrainian, and charged for conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, money laundering and two copyright infringement. 

As of now Kickass Torrents had been Shut Down; a major distributor of Games, movies, software and a lot more causing a loss of more than $1 billion to IT and other production departments.

Final Verdict about Torrentz Shut Down

After a Decade of warning people and torrent sites admin agencies seemed to take strict actions against all the copyright violators by taking down popular torrent websites and their alternate domains. 

And it's a good new to all the content creators, programmers, producers as they were facing a big loss because of these torrent websites. 

And after all this we 'The Citizens ' must understand that; as there is a lot hard work and hard minds in creating those content, which is just downloaded easily on these torrent websites. 

As of now a lot of torrent websites had been taken down, but still if there are some; then do ask yourself 
"Will I create that application or content for free ?"
With these words give a sweet Farewell to your favourite and Programmers and Content creators enjoy the Party.

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