Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Torrentz Is Back Again

Just within a week of shutdown of  Original Torrentz.eu another clone had landed in web world to dominate the internet and again to attract people. Last week we had heard news of  "Torrentz.eu" farewell. The reason behind the farewell seems the pressure from authorities on Kickass torrent mastermind "Artem Vaulin" who had been accused for loss of  $1 Billion to digital industries. 

Torrentz Is Back Again As Torentz2.eu

Torrentz is back again

You can now access Torrentz as Torrentz2.eu. With in just a few days the admins had manged to create another full functional Torrent search engine. 

And it's may be a big relief for the people who love to download a lot of things from the internet. As we know Torrentz had got it's life in 2003 and within all these years it became ruler in the internet after Kickass torrent, which was mainly a distributor of games, movies, software, cracks, Tv drama, songs and other digital media.

Now You May Land In Trouble For Visiting Torrent Websites

After facing a strong legal action against the founder of KAT along with Torrentz.eu another website Solarmovie had also shut down due to fear of legal actions. 

Even clone of KAT is still online and you can access it at KAT.am and it's clone had came online just after original website was shut down by authorities and is working properly.

So it seems a hard task for authorities to get rid of these torrent websites. However some website claiming that Kat.am had been shut down just after it was created but as of me now I am easily able to access KAT.am directly by visiting the link  but to download it is asking to create an account. So I don't know further as that will work or not ! Still if you love KAT then you can try.

Finally Torrentz is Back But Question is Till When ?

This question about the life of Torrentz clone is really exciting one. It may make people nervous again. Either authorities will be able to take it down again or Is it total authority proof. 

Well we will find it in just a matter of time. Till then happy torrenting and yea if you  are a Federal office then you may be thinking and looking out for new ways to put this new torrentz2.eu offline.

So let's see what happens next in this Battle Authorities VS Torrents. 

Till then don't forget to share and bookmark.  

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