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How To Share An Internet Connection

How To share an internet connection
So if you are wondering to share your internet connection with your friends or your other devices then you can do it easily without any prior knowledge regarding networking. After we had learned how to create a hotspot in our previous article, now it's time to share the internet connection from that hotspot.

How To Share An Internet Connection 

Before sharing your internet connection first, make sure that from which device you are  connected to the internet on your PC. It can be your Ethernet connection, Wifi or any USB modem. 

Now press "Windows key + R" and type "ncpa.cpl". It will open network connections. 
Step 1 How to share an internet connection  

Now "right-click" on the network adapter, that is connected to the internet. It can be your wireless adapter, ethernet adapter or any other USB modem. And from the drop-down menu, click on "Properties".
How To share an Internet connection (Step 2) 

Now select "Properties" and then click on "Sharing" tab. And now after that check the "Allow other users to connect through this computer's internet connection." And if you have more than one other network connections, then you need to select the connection on which you want to share your internet connection. Now click apply to make changes.
How to share an internet connection (Step 3)

You can also use different software for sharing Internet connection. Such softwares are used to convert your computer into a portable hotspot. Also, you can convert your laptop into a hotspot easily without any software.

This method works well with every version of windows such as windows 7,8 and Windows 10. 

And if you have go Windows 10 Anniversary Update then go Setting by pressing "windows key +i" and after that click on "Network and Internet" and you will find "Mobile Hotspot" and you just need to turn it on and also turn on "Share my internet connection with other devices".

How to share an internet connection ( Step 4)

How To share an Internet Connection From your Cellphone 

Now first decide where you want to share internet from your cellphone. It you want to use your android cellphone internet on your PC then connect a data cable first. 

Now go to "Settings" and click on "more"
How to share an internet connection from Phone (Step 1)

Now in a new window, you will find "USB Tethering". Turn it on. And that's all your cellphone's internet is now being shared with your Computer.
How to share an internet connection from phone (Step 2)

And if you want to share your Cellphone's internet with other wifi devices then you have to create a hotspot. And you can create your own hotspot on cellphone by navigating to settings and after that look for mobile "Hotspot". It is generally inside "More" in settings.

Final words on How to share an Internet connection

Now you have learned to share internet connection from your computer and cellphone. If you are sharing your cell phone's internet connection then first you need to make sure that does your Internet service provider allows sharing your mobile internet. As in some countries generally, ISP charges extra to share your internet connection. And in computers, you must be connected to two networks to enable sharing of internet connection. So if you have any suggestions on how to share an internet connection, then you can let us know.  

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