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Best Free 2016 Keyword Research Tool For your Website

Best Free 2016 Keyword Research Tool For your Website

Keyword research plays an important part in your website post. It can make your website/blog post popular or it can make it completely vanish your blog post. So to do keyword research, here are some of the best free 2016 keyword research tool that will make your blog post visible in this web world. 

Best Free 2016 Keyword Research Tool

Google Keyword Planner 

Talking about the free 2016 keyword planner Google Keyword Planner is ranked on the number one list. Here it is the free keyword researcher from google. To use it, you first need to signup at Google Adwords and then under tools you will find Keyword Planner. 

Google planner has variety of functions such as you can set target and you can apply a lot of keyword filters as well as it show the competition, average monthly search and other data that will exactly help in finding the right keyword for your website. 

If you own a small website then it's the best tool but now in 2016 Google had ranged (1M-10M) the keyword data for account that had no campaigns running. So it's better to use Keyword planner in parallel with other tools.

SeoStack Keyword Tool 2016 

SeoStack is chrome extension that is used for free keyword search. You just need to  download it to your chrome browser. To use seostack, click on the extension icon and it will then lead you to the keyword research website where you will enter your desired keyword. And you can also select the sources from where you want to look for  keyword.

Seostack is very simple tool which give you the option to select the country. It also shows the rank of the keyword in a search engine with big keyword trail. Also you can get keyword and volume data but it redirects to the google keyword planner. But this keyword is good for beginners. You can get Seostack Keword tool from chrome web-store.

Google Autocomplete

Google autocomplete is not a keyword research tool, but it is a technique to find out what people are searching on Google in large amount. I myself use this technique for my YouTube channel and it works a lot of time. So start using this free google autocomplete keyword research 2016 technique. 

Google Trends 2016 Keyword Research Tool

If you run a website which post about trending content then Google Trends is the best keyword tool for you. Google trends shows the data data of the latest popular searches that are going on in your Country. And also it can shows the keyword research data on your favourite topic. 

Just access Google Trends and look for  a trending interesting topic and start posting. However this research tool will only give you an idea of trending keywords. And it will be best to use with Google keyword planner.

Ubersuggest 2016 widely used Free Keyword Research tool

Ubersuggest is the free and most widely used tool for keyword research. It is loved by bloggers who had just entered into to web-world. The best part of this keyword research tool is that, it reads keywords from web, images, shopping, news and YouTube. And that's a plenty of keyword data on your hands.

Just access Ubersuggest and find the best keywords. And it also let you select your keywords so that you can use them later. 

HyperSuggest Free Keyword Research tool 2016

Another free keyword tool of 2016 is HyperSuggest which is liked bye the online community. This tool look the kewords on Google, Google shopping and YouTube. It can also reverse suggest keywords. 

Hypersuggest supports adding modifiers to suffix and prefix and it allows you to product more keywords. It also have predefined modifiers such as who, why, how and others to make search friendly keyword trails. Navigate to the Hypersuggest website and look for your keyword data.

Bing Webmaster Tools A free 2016 keyword research tool by Bing

Bing webmaster tool is a free keyword analyser tool from bing which only show the data from the Bing search engine. It almost shows the search volume data from the Bing. But it will be useful for those who wants to target people  who use Bing for their daily search.

Conclusion on Free 2016 best Keyword Research Tool 

As each keyword tool has it's own value and research mechanism, so these tools are very important for a blogger or a website content creator. Even you can use free 2016 keyword research tool for your YouTube videos. You can make searches too. These all keyword research tools provide a high quality data on keywords.

So go ahead and start using these all free 2016 best keyword research tools and you will see the improvement in your website's traffic.

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